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If you are doing both, it is only necessary to obtain a retail sales tax license. Businesses that plan to purchase items for resale without paying sales tax should obtain a Colorado sales tax account/license by completing the CR 0100. The sales tax license enables the business to collect sales tax when they resell the items. Sales Tax filers may use this remittance portal for filings starting January 2021 due in February 2021.

  • Depending on your business location, the following forms may be required supplemental information to your Business and Tax License application.
  • Businesses that plan to purchase items for resale without paying sales tax should obtain a Colorado sales tax account/license by completing the CR 0100.
  • We provide sales tax rate databases for businesses who manage their own sales taxes, and can also connect you with firms that can completely automate the sales tax calculation and filing process.
  • Sales tax classes are held at the Department of Revenue Service Centers at the beginning of each month.
  • It is important that you follow the correct procedure and protocol involved in the resale certificate process.

Returns may be file electronically after an online login has been established through Revenue Online at Returns may also be filed on the paper form DR 0100 which is available at under instructions and forms. Publication DR 1002, “Sales/Use Tax Rates,” lists all the various sales tax rates throughout Colorado and should be used as a guide to calculate the sales tax rates for different locations. The Department of Revenue also publishes separate rate charts which are useful tools in determining the correct amount of tax based upon the tax rates and the dollar value of the sale. You can easily find the current sales tax and special tax rates in your county and/or city at If you will be selling to someone who will resell your product or use it to make another product that is resold, you are a wholesaler.

Does my business have nexus in Boulder?

You have one business location where you will make retail and wholesale sales. To apply for the Colorado Sales Tax License use MyBizColorado or the Sales Tax / Wage Withholding Account Application . For this reason, we may not be able to release certain information over the phone. For example, the amount of sales reported by a business may only be released to an agent of that business with proper identification. A variety of businesses are selected for audit during the course of the year.

  • However, we have an obligation to the citizens of Golden to ensure we are collecting the taxes rightfully due to the City.
  • Retail and wholesale licenses are obtained by completing the Colorado Sales Tax/Wage Withholding Account Application, Form CR0100.
  • All valid non-profit state exemption certificates start with the numbers 98 or 098.

This information is crucial to Police and Fire personnel when responding to an emergency situation. While generally slower than applying online, you can apply for a Colorado Sales Tax License for your business offline using Form CR 0100AP, the « Sales Tax Withholding Account Application ». Form CR 0100AP can be downloaded from the Department of Revenue here . The purchase of motor vehicles outside the city limits by a City resident. This is typically paid when the vehicle is registered with the County and is then remitted to the City by the County.

City of Brighton Use Tax

It is important that you follow the correct procedure and protocol involved in the resale certificate process. Any errors occurring during this process could cause delays or penalties to be incurred by either party. In order to have a Colorado resale certificate, you must first apply for a Colorado sales tax permit.

Do you need a sales tax license to sell in Colorado?

Any retailer that is required to collect Colorado sales tax must obtain and maintain a Colorado sales tax license. They must also file returns and remit collected taxes at regular intervals, generally on a monthly basis.

A City of Brighton Business License is required for individuals and businesses engaged in business in the City. If you apply online you’ll receive your sales tax permit number the same day. If you file by mail, allow 2-3 weeks to receive your paper license.


Conversely, a resale certificate allows a buyer to purchase goods from a supplier without having to pay sales tax on the goods that would otherwise be taxable. It is the responsibility of the supplier to keep a copy of the resale certificate for compliance purposes and the responsibility of the retailer to collect sales tax when the goods are sold. A Colorado resale certificate is a tax-exempt form that permits a business to purchase goods from a supplier, that are intended to be resold without the reseller having to pay sales tax on them. There is no limitation on where a reseller permit can be used as long as the seller accepts it. Also, any items can be purchased using the permit assuming that the items will be resold. All county and most city sales taxes are collected by the state.

Please take the time to review and sign the Home Occupation Affidavit . Additionally, if your home business is an in-home daycare, please complete the Home Daycare Checklist . If you are unsure if you need a business and tax license or if you have questions about the application process please view our webinar on Applying for a Business License. Businesses with a taxable presence within Colorado are considered to have sales tax nexus within the state. For more details on what constitutes a taxable presence, see sales tax nexus in Colorado. This document list Home Rule Cities for which the state does not collect local sales tax.

The S or C corporation status is determined when How To Apply For A Colorado Sales Tax License with the Internal Revenue Service , Questions should be addressed to the IRS or your legal, business, or tax advisor. Filing a Statement of Trade Name creates a record of your business. You can file a Statement of Trade Name of a sole proprietorship or a general partnership with the Secretary of State’s office online. You can find additional resources from the federal government’s small business administration website, Golden tax should not be collected if an item sold is delivered outside the City limits. You should contact the City where the item is delivered to determine if you need to collect that City’s tax.

This permit will provide you with a Colorado Tax ID number which will be a necessary field on the Colorado resale certificate. Every vendor engaged in the business of providing temporary lodging must obtain a lodger’s tax license and remit lodger’s tax to the city. As with the sales tax license, city and state licensing is needed for a lodgers’ tax.

Is it necessary to display my sales tax license at my place of business? After receiving your local license, post it in a prominent location inside your business along with your State sales tax license. Posting tells your customer you are licensed to collect the sales tax and it allows for easy verification of licensing by inspectors.

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